Hyundai Elite i20 – Autoportal India analyses the price and mileage

Hyundai Motor India Limitedintroduced the original i20 in the year 2008 and it turned out to be a national frenzy then. A trendier model – the Elite i20 was unveiled by Hyundai recently. The research team at Hyundai has worked very extensively on the exteriors and interiors of the car so that it exudes a sporty appearance and offers all possible comforts inside. Here is a detailed study on the price, mileage and other elements of the Elite i20.

Elite i20 is available in both petrol and diesel fuel options and there are further five variants – Era, Magna, Sportz, Sportz (O), Asta and Asta (O) offered under each fuel trim. The mechanics under the hood has remained more or less the same as that of original i20. The Elite i20 is equipped by a refined 1.4-litre U2 CRDI diesel engine with power and torque output of 89 bhp and 220 Nm at 1500 RPM. This engine comes mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. The second unit is the reliable 1.2-litre 4 cylinder VTVT Kappa petrol engine which churns out a maximum power output of 82 bhp and torque of 115 Nm at 4000 RPM. The mileage figures are quite commendable. The diesel and petrol engines promise a fuel efficiency of 21.76 kmpl and 18.6 kmpl respectively under normal conditions. If driving in heavy city traffics or off roads, the figures mileage figures may go down by 4 to 5 kmpl. Elite i20 scores well in driveability, performance, refinement and handling.

Hyundai Elite i20The Hyundai Elite i20 has been launched in India at a price between Rs 5.03 lakhs to Rs 8.05 lakhs. The new model is costlier than the original i20, but that is apparently due to the added styling and new features offered. But this has not affected its sales in any way. In fact, the new Elite i20 is selling almost double the units than its predecessor.Price and mileage are two main factors governing any car buying decision in India and Hyundai i20 will not disappoint anyone here. Even budget conscious customers can afford to buy the starting variant. However it is advisable to pay a few thousands more and pick up a higher trim with more features.

Talking of exterior updates, all the headlamps, fog lamps as well as tail lights carry a novel and unique design. The overall length has been slightly reduced now, but the wheelbase is widened significantly. This gives more space inside.The beige and brown coloured interiors are spruced up and display a fresh design layout. The wide facade gets a hi-tech information cluster and leather wrapped 3-spoke multi-function steering wheel.The features offereddiffer across the Era, Magna, Sportz and Asta trims.

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Check Out These Fantastic Home Security Tips

This isn’t a decision you want to throw together. You should instead make sure you provide adequate security and safety needs of your family.

Always have the locks after moving into a new home.You don’t know who might have a unique combination to stay secure. Do the same thing if you happen to misplace your keys.

Home security systems aren’t just about sounding the alarm whenever you have an intruder. Most security systems can be set to sound an alert when anyone enters. This can be valuable to parents that have small children so that they know when their kids open or closed a door.

Above doors or under a mat are not smart ideas.You should hide the key with your dog on the collar.

This is particularly true when you feel uneasy about the person installing the system. Don’t hesitate to request a different technician or get another company. The point of having a security system and the company should put your mind at ease.

Some people feel that rural dwellers have greater risk since their neighbors live farther away. Others hold that burglars are not as likely to target rural places have less of a chance of being targets for burglars.

Most break-ins and burglaries occur because a home through an unlocked door. A thief could steal your most valuable possessions in only a short amount of time.

Replace rotten wood on your door frames. An intruder can simply pry away that rotted wood easily to open the door. Replace the rotting door frame with a new one and keep your home’s security.

Keep safety at the forefront when doing landscaping. If they are visible, people will not hide there and attempt a break-in. This will give your safety.

Think about getting a wireless security system that is wireless. Wired systems might be a bit less expensive, however it usually means you’ll have to rewire your home, and can become faulty during a power outage.

Thieves can often be found looking through garbage to obtain personal data that will help them enter the house. You can also simply tear your documents up by hand before disposing of them if a shredder is out of your price range.

If you’re planning to be out of your home for a period of time, arrange to have whoever is collecting your mail to also pick up fliers placed inside your door. Thieves have put them up in order to see if home owners are away.

You need a good home security system. Both hidden and visible video cameras can help keep your home. Visible cameras deter the majority of intruders, and if they are disabled, a hidden camera will continue to capture footage. A lot of surveillance systems may be accessed through a cell phone, giving you the chance to check it even when you’re away.

Your dog is a great tool for protecting your best home security weapons. Dogs are very protective of their turf and generally make noises when something is amiss. It is not necessary to have to be a big tough dog. Even tinier canines can keep intruders with enough noise.

You can have key-less locks that work using a code. You can even install these locks yourself or have them professionally installed.

Do not store your vehicle registration documents in your glove compartment. This isn’t smart since anybody who gets them will know where you live. Keep them with you or hide them somewhere else in your vehicle.They have to be accessible in the event you be stopped by police.

Anyone can easily get your birthday from Facebook profile or your driver’s licence.

You want to always keep second-floor windows locked. Many homeowners neglect this step because they believe that burglars will not bother climbing your home. This is not be further from the truth. Criminals are aware of this is a vulnerable area.

Women living alone or with just children are the most likely targets for burglary. Place something masculine in the front of your home to give off a male lives there. This will definitely deter criminals think again before trying to enter your home.

Buy your alarm system from the manufacturer. Re-sellers are really looking to make a buck, they don’t have your best interests in mind.

Don’t let your children leave toys outside when not in your yard. This gives thieves the burglars realize that women live on the premises. Homes with female inhabitants are more attractive targets because they probably have pricy jewelry inside.

Always change the keys and locks when you move in.This is true of rentals and homes you buy, so ask the landlord to change the locks, or perform the lock switch yourself.

Security Companies

Look for a home security companies that have more than just security systems. Great home security companies are willing to come assess the house and make some recommendations that can keep your family much safer. These ideas may include installing additional locks, trimming back bushes or installing more secure windows. You want a company that is genuinely concerned about keeping you safe, and you will be able to see that through such a consultation.

This article has shown you the light. There is no reason for you to be unaware of how to secure your home. You should ensure you are doing all you can to protect your home. Be sure and remember what you have learned here.

Questions About Home Security? Get Them Answered Here

You can do things to help yourself feel better and less afraid. Read this article below to learn about home security.

Your dog can keep your spare key. This really only works if you have a dog can come outside. You could simply put a key onto your dog’s collar, so when you forget your keys your dog can let you in.

A home security system has other features in addition to sounding the alarm during a break-in. The majority of systems will give an audible alert when someone enters the home. This is great for parents with small children so that they are made aware their child has opened or close doors.

Do not let people you don’t know in your home. Even if someone has a good story, needs help or has something to sell, ignore them. This person might just be casing the first rule of keeping your home security equipment.

This is especially true when you are uneasy with those who are installing the installers. Don’t hesitate asking for another technician or to hire a new company altogether. The point of that system is to make yourself feel safer after all.

Some maintain that rural residents lead riskier lives because they are far away from neighbors.Some people think burglaries are less burglars in rural areas.

Don’t forget about the skylights when doing a security sweep for your home. Skylights are excellent for beauty and light, but unfortunately they also often provide a way for a burglar to enter. Be sure that skylights in your home can be locked securely.

Having these boxes around will give people an idea of items that are inside your house.

If you are entering a house that has already been occupied, then you should immediately change the locks. The previous owners or tenants might have a key. You might even install new locks yourself so that you know you have the only one who has a key.

Always check references from anyone you are considering hiring to do work on your home. You need to do a background checks in order to find out their criminal history. You can’t always be sure that maids, maid, or repairman that you’ve hired is trustworthy and handing them your keys could be a costly mistake.

Be certain to read all of the fine print to any contracts you hire a security firm. There could be fees if you break a contract early or acquiring additional equipment down the road. You want to avoid as many of these fees as you can, so make sure you are aware of them.

Having your home at night will scare crooks away. They want to be seen. Keep your lights on in the night.

Keep safety at the forefront when doing landscaping. If criminals know you can see them, they won’t offer hiding places to potential criminals. This should be planned in advance for your home additional safety.

Ask your security company how long they have been in the business. Companies with a long history can give you the best service for many years engender great confidence and trust.Knowing that you are not dealing with a shady company can keep you calm when making this crucial decision.

If you will be away from your home, have them double check your front door for fliers. Some intruders will place fliers to see if they’ll be quickly removed.

You need to get a home surveillance system.Installing hidden and visible video cameras is great for securing your house. Visible cameras have a deterrent effect, but if they disable the cameras that they can see, a hidden camera will continue to capture footage. Many surveillance systems can even be accessed via cell phone, you can ensure your home is safe even when you’re gone.

Spring Latch Locks

Don’t fit your exterior doors with locks of the spring latch locks installed. These locks can be opened easily be picked within a credit card. Intruders just have to slide a card in between the latch and the door. Add a deadbolt if you do not want to replace your spring latch locks for maximum security.

Keep curtains pulled tight when you aren’t at home. Intruders can look into your home if the blinds are up. You should have them down when you are sleeping.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to safeguard your home. Luckily, there are many inexpensive ways that you can secure your home, without breaking the bank. Be sure and use these tips in order to adequately protect your home.

DIY vs Professional Roof Repair Service

With the recession and other everyday challenges that affect the budget, no doubt that many resort to do-it-yourself roof repair projects even if it means risking one self’s safety. If you are one of those who are thinking about doing the project yourself, check the following comparison before you decide.




DIY: If you have made a research and do-it-yourself video on YouTube, you can at least measure your skill and guts to do the project yourself with quality.  Familiarize yourself with the damage and check the Internet for a probable solution.  Not only that you will learn the correct and easiest way to do things, you will also learn the importance of proper maintenance of your roof. So next time that it happens, you know what to do with it.


Professional Service: Your roof is not a simple experiment that if you fail, you can just leave it as it is and go on to other projects.  If a more serious damage is done due to experimenting, it will cost you more. In fact, it may balloon the supposedly small cost that you need to repair it. Skilled contractors know how to do the job efficiently. Clients are paying them for the quality of the delivered result that is why they have to make sure that everything complete and properly done.  They do lots of planning and checking and they do not waste time for research because they already have the expertise in doing it.




DIY:  With thorough research, you can find a supplier that can give you high-quality materials at a very low cost. You can even haggle until it fits your budget.  Just make sure that you are contacting a legitimate supplier as you might invest in a non-existent company when all the transactions are done over the phone. You have friends who did DIY roofing shingles before, you may ask for referrals as well. For the tools, most of these can be bought in nearby stores.  Just make sure to buy quality ones so you can still use them in your next project.


Professional Service: Usually, the planning and quoting is free.  This is the advantage of contractors with websites because clients who wish to ask for service, they can easily do it through the website. The contractors can also work within your budget; just do not be afraid to ask. Lastly, their prices are usually competitive because they are a lot of them in the market and they have direct access to suppliers.




DIY:  The information about the safety guidelines in repair is already on the Internet. Do proper research and practice if necessary so you will have the confidence to do the job.


Professional Service: They are experienced workers with proper tools, gears, and equipment to do the job safely. They will do it for you while you are working or spending time with your family.




Although there are advantages in doing the roofing maintenance yourself, it is still best to ask for professional help in doing projects that are dangerous. Maintenance of roof is not a simple task; you need skill and proper training to do it. Contact a contractor before you risk your life.

How UrbanClap turned out things with a great home cleaning experience

A few days ago, I was really occupied with a small get together at my home, and as any normal party would go, there were loads of people, food and a crazy atmosphere, it was all fantastic, until my maid called me up, expressing her inability to come since she had to take care of someone in her family who was terminally ill. Well, I was bracing up a for a post party nightmare, I rushed to neighbor and asked if her maid could help, but in vain, nevertheless I kept it low profile, and kept smiling, until I encountered my friend, who happens to be a developer herself, I asked her if there was any fix that she knew about – UrbanClap, she mumbled swiftly. I asked her if she was sure, to which she replied – lock kar de (Phrase of popular Indian Show – KBC).

I looked at her, and said ok, so we got onto the business of getting things fixed, she walked me through the app link and asked me to download it, which was a quick process and then we got onto real business, there were no maids here! Opt for home cleaning services – hurled my friend, the plates and glasses were made up of plastic and hence were disposable, so what I really wanted to clear up the mess! I booked an appointment at 4 PM, as I was expecting it to get over at 2, and about 2 hours of buffer time, just in case someone decided to stay back for a chit chat.

Sharp at 3:50 I had the a professional from UrbanClap asking for direction (Post requesting for service, and talking to them), and I was glad that these folks were punctual, and they looked for every corner of house to get it cleaned, in a few hours it looked as if nothing ever took place, moreover I was impressed by the number of tools that they were using to conduct the cleanup. I didn’t have to pay them as they were paid through the paytm wallet integrated on the app, and got me a handsome Cashback.

In my recollection it was one of the most elating experience I ever had with home cleaning services, they looked neat and took adequate precaution to wipe off garbage from my 3 BHK flat.

While cleaning everything, they sanitized toilets, and conducted detailed cleaning, something that my maid was never able to do in her 2 years of service, these guys didn’t insist to keep anything secret and had no problems in me asking them flurry of questions – which they patiently answered.

Since then, I have decided to at least get these services once a month to clean up my house, because it pays to keep everything tidy, and I really can’t imagine saving here, because it would rather look stupid on my part.

Coming back to the UrbanClap app, I am not new to home cleaning services, but I never had such an experience anywhere, perhaps it could have been out of fluke, but I subsequently used their services for one of our other flats, and yet again they lived up to expectations, and when someone does things right twice, it certainly doesn’t qualify to be called a fluke, then on I have been sharing my experience with others about superior home cleaning services that UrbanClap offers, discounts are great, but I really don’t care about them much, as long as I get my work done.

I am glad that they do cater to so many other fields that I constantly look professional expertise in. I also recommend visiting their website to get more insights on how they function.